M.I.A. vs B.L.M?

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What M.I.A. could have said about the Black Lives Matters Movement…

Ok I’ll admit it, I am not always aware of the types of discrimination happening globally. And I suspect there are many other Black people that are in the same original.pngboat. BUT, this is no fault of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Does Black History Even Matter?

Addressing Racism, Pop Culture

A Journey to Appreciate Our History

I will admit that in the past, when I saw white people condemning, Iggy Azalea and the Kardashians for cultural appropriation or racism, I would

Screen-Shot-2015-07-12-at-2.32.34-PM-1024x714.pngget a little annoyed. Not because I felt the need to defend the celebrities, but because it seemed like many were only speaking out because it was “trendy”.